Question: What is the difference between speech and language?
Answer: Speech is the actual sound that is produced from our mouths or a communication device. It can be a word, phrase, sentence or conversation. Language is the thought behind our speech. It is how words are put together to express an idea or thought.

Question: What is the difference between receptive and expressive language?
  Answer:  Receptive language is the ability to understand the spoken or written language. Expressive language is the ability to formulate sentences in a cohesive manner to express thoughts.

Question: My child's speech is very difficult to understand. How long will it take to correct it?
  Answer:  It is difficult to say how long it will take to correct the problem without knowing what the problem is. However, most children and adults start showing progress within the first month. Numerous things can impact a person's progress including severity and type of the problem, motivation, family support, and frequency of treatment.

Question: What frequency of treatment is considered "good"?
  Answer:  One to two times a week will usually show good results.

Question: How can you treat swallowing problems?
  Answer:  It depends on what is causing the swallowing difficulty. Generally, swallowing problems are a result of stroke or other neurological problems. Treatment often involves exercises for the affected muscles and utilization of strategies and maneuvers to improve speech efficiency and safety of swallowing. In children, more severe problems are seen in conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome, etc. Treatment depends on the reason for the swallowing problem and it is usually a combination of exercises and activities to promote safe swallowing.

Question: What are oral-motor problems?
  Answer:  Children may develop oral-motor problems because of weakness in the oral muscles. This can be a result of constant open-mouth posture or thumb or tongue sucking. Treatment involves a combination of exercises and activities to improve strength and coordination of oral muscles.

Question: How do I get started?
  Answer:  email ascspeech@gmail.com and request a virtual meeting.


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